Phase 1 – Residential Recovery Program

•Onsite IOP Services 

• Residential living (no cost to client) 

• Daily recovery oriented classes

• Weekly behavioral modification programming  

• Weekly career education programming  

• Peer, and staff accountability 

• Daily on property and off property 12 step meeting attendance. 

• Three daily meals provided  

• Weekly random substance screening • Onsite Primary Care offered through partner house call, and telahealth physicians  

• Cell Phones, vehicles and employment are prohibited in this phase so clients can focus on recovery.

Phase 2 – Aftercare Career Track

• After Care Services  

• Residential living at one of our after care homes.

• Optional Workforce placement through client companies with implemented recovery programming in daily work assignments  

• Required to maintain employment

• Cell Phones, and vehicles permitted. 

Program Summery

Stage 1 – The first stage in our program is a two week period during which new clients will be given the ability to relax, observe and acclimate to the program and structure this is a lower accountability period that can be thought of as a learning curve. During this period of time clients will not be subject to write ups and all accountability will be administered by staff. Clients will begin IOP services and daily meetings at this time. 

Stage 2 – The second stage begins right at the three week mark at which points clients will begin working on there writing assignments, all clients will write the first 164 pages of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous to help them retain the information and gain understanding of the program. (this is not a timed assignment they have up to 90 days to complete this) During this stage the clients will be subject to write ups, they will begin receiving daily chores and will be required to attend seven twelve step meetings per week along with on property classes. (IOP will take precedence over all on property classes) The clients will also be introduced to a staff guided peer community to teach them accountability and discipline. Our community is carefully guided by staff to prevent targeting, harassment or bullying by peers, we understand that while accountability is of extreme importance we also know that sometimes individuals can become the target of resentments and anger of fellow program participants. 

Stage 3 – After clients have completed IOP and their writing assignment they will be presented with a graduation certificate for Phase One of the Vision For You program and will begin receiving after care services, at which point they will meet with an assigned career coach who will work to place them in a job or get them working in their career of choice. Clients will begin learning accountability in the workplace and be given the opportunity to practice the principles they have been taught in applicable life situations. Once clients are maintaining full time employment they will be allowed to possess a cell phone, drive a vehicle and be responsible for a small portion of living expenses to help them work towards leading a normal productive life style. After approximately 90 days clients will be assisted in transition to a permanent living arrangement. (Individuals who have not completed A Vision For You Phase One will still be permitted to participate in our Career Track Reentry Program through a process we call fast track which requires them to have completed a suitable absence based program, or already have 90 days sober at the time of application, and be willing to pay $120 weekly. )