Addiction Treatment – Louisville, KY

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Addiction Treatment Program Louisville, KY

There is hope for recovery and treatment is possible if you or a family member is afflicted with substance addiction. We aren’t a medical, psychiatric or social model facility instead, we have combined multiple proven methods: Intense Peer Driven Behavior Modification, Residential Living, Twelve Step Groups, Therapy, Psychiatry, Primary Care Referral, Career Reentry and Aftercare.


How It Works!


4 – 7 Days

The first step in the process is detox. Every client must detox regardless of substance use. Some clients may wish to undergo medical detox depending on the substance and we gladly accept completion of detox from those facilities however we are only able to facilitate non-medical detox so clients seeking medical detox should arrive post detox completion.

Phase 1 Residential Program

90 Days

The residential recovery program introduces the clients to a household made up of peers or other individuals in the program. During this phase clients start daily group therapy, peer driven class, and twelve step meetings. We start treating addiction and the issues caused by modifying behavior, addressing potential medical needs, legal concerns and mental health .

Phase 2 Aftercare & Career Track

The Aftercare Career program is for clients who have completed addiction treatment through our residential program. Clients will be taught valuable work skills and enter the work force while remaining in a sober living environment practicing balancing recovery and life.